Paula Fuga on the Power of Non-Profits

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Paula Fuga sees the change that non-profits make within the community as she meets the team behind Project Vision Hawai‘i, joined by her best friend and ophthalmologist Dr. Brandon Lee.

Subaru Hawai‘i believes in being a positive force in the community, not just with charitable donations but with actions that set an example for others to follow. In this five-part series, musician and Subaru Hawai‘i ambassador Paula Fuga is joined by one of her 13 best friends as she ventures out into the community to meet with passionate changemakers relevant to each of the Subaru Love Promises, areas in which the brand is committed to making a difference: animals, the environment, education, public health, and helping those in need. Get to know Paula, her values, and her path to healing and self-love as she raises awareness about some of the causes closest to her heart, accompanied by the friends who have loved and uplifted her along the way.

Subaru Hawai‘i believes everyone deserves the chance to lead a healthy life and aims to give as many people that chance as possible through its Subaru Loves to Care promise. In honor of this commitment to healthy communities, follow Paula as she spends the day with Project Vision Hawai‘i, a nonprofit on a mission to bring quality eye care and sight-saving surgeries to underserved communities in Hawai‘i and the Pacific. With a focus on rural communities, where there is a lack of access to care, Project Vision Hawai‘i has expanded over the last five years to include both medical and social services for marginalized communities throughout the state.

Paula is joined by one of her best friends, ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon Brandon Lee, a former volunteer at the Waimānalo Health Center, where Paula worked as a student mentor more than 20 years ago. Together, Paula and Brandon speak with Project Vision Hawai‘i Executive Director Darrah Kauhane about the importance of quality vision care and how nonprofits such as these can transform lives, including Paula’s.

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