Lei Trades Donnie

Trading Spaces

Art enthusiast Donnie Cervantes aims to establish a cross-cultural exchange of ideas between local and visiting artists.

Lei Lina and Izik

Caged Birds Who Sing

Musicians Izik Moreno and Lina Robins-Tamure put words and melodies to songs about love, pain, and all the harrowing emotions in between.

Lei Confetti Connections

Confetti Connection

Confetti System’s Nicholas Andersen didn’t see his craft-focused Oʻahu upbringing reflected in design, so he created his own world.


The Oceanic Urbanite

Artist and architect Sean Connelly dreams of building a familiar future for Hawai‘i. Text by Blaine Tolentino Images by John Hook Sean Connelly thinks about…



Brandon Smith found inspiration, and new life, in yoga and photography–and magic happened when he combined the two.

maikai tubbs

Adventures of Trash Man

The organically inspired installations of artist Maika‘i Tubbs invite viewers to take a second look at garbage. Text by Lisa Yamada Images by John…