The Oceanic Urbanite

Artist and architect Sean Connelly dreams of building a familiar future for Hawai‘i. Text by Blaine Tolentino Images by John Hook Sean Connelly thinks about…



Brandon Smith found inspiration, and new life, in yoga and photography–and magic happened when he combined the two.

maikai tubbs

Adventures of Trash Man

The organically inspired installations of artist Maika‘i Tubbs invite viewers to take a second look at garbage. Text by Lisa Yamada Images by John…

Variant Dream Art

A Hot Night Out for Art Lovers

Hawai‘i’s premiere opera theatre entertains the LGBT community with a fantastic evening affair. In Hawai‘i, the Hawaii Opera Theatre (HOT) season is a reason…

Take, Leave, Whatevas

Take, Leave, Whatevas

Gaye Chan’s projects inspire others to act without shame, share without condition, and trust without apology. Text by Sonny Ganaden Images by John Hook…

Volcano Art Hawaii

Surreal Real Estate

Ira Ono’s Volcano Garden Arts is a work to behold, or be wed at. Text by Alan McNarie | Image by John Hook When Ira…

The Third Act

The Third Act

How Robert Lambeth, HIFF’s executive director, effortlessly shifted from opera singer to banker to head of the largest film festival in the Pacific. Text…