Lei Trades Donnie

Trading Spaces

Art enthusiast Donnie Cervantes aims to establish a cross-cultural exchange of ideas between local and visiting artists.

Lei Lina and Izik

Caged Birds Who Sing

Musicians Izik Moreno and Lina Robins-Tamure put words and melodies to songs about love, pain, and all the harrowing emotions in between.

Lei Confetti Connections

Confetti Connection

Confetti System’s Nicholas Andersen didn’t see his craft-focused Oʻahu upbringing reflected in design, so he created his own world.

Lei Culture Lala Openi

A Q&A with Artist Lala Openi

By way of the Bay area, resident Chinatown artist Lala Openi brings her unique brand of culture to share–and hopes you will, too.